September 5, 2019

From a review by an adopter

"I went to adopt 2 puppies in 2010. The volunteer was friendly, gave me plenty of information, and allowed me plenty of time to play with the pups to decide if I would adopt. The littermates were named Curt and Cary; I adopted them in 2010 and renamed them Spartacus and Nyx. I have never regretted going to this shelter and thank them so much for the gift of my pups."

September 4, 2019

'Thank you for rescuing him and keeping him safe ...'

Levi had been abandoned at the dog pound, so underweight that his ribs were sticking out. But Levi arrived at our shelter to lots of love, hugs, and a healthy diet — and then he found wonderful humans who came to adopt him back in January. He has been living the good life ever since, and we are thrilled to hear about this handsome dude!
His owners tell us:
“He is doing AMAZING. He is so sweet and loving. He has really bonded with his ‘siblings’ — he is now just one of the gang. He has gained all of his weight ... no ribs showing now!! He is strong and healthy and loves to try new foods. He loves to pay catch and tug on his rope, too.
“We couldn’t be happier to have him as an addition to our family. Thank you for rescuing him and keeping him safe until he could come to us, his forever home!!”
Thank YOU for adopting Levi and loving him like you do!

September 3, 2019

Part golden retriever, 100% well loved

In order to post dogs on, we must enter breed makeup — and sometimes it's mostly just a guess. We know this adorable face wouldn't necessarily scream "golden retriever," but lo and behold, that's the breed that makes up a quarter of her genetics. 
Here's great update about magnificent Marley:
"We adopted 'Cupcake,' now 'Marley,' back in April and have fallen so in love with this sweet pup! 
"We wanted to provide you all with an update on how she’s growing up, and thank you again for taking such great care of her before she became part of our family.
"She is about 25 pounds now and sweet as can be!
"We finally decided to get her DNA tested because we just could not figure out what she was a mishmash of. Turns out, she’s 25% Golden Retriever, 12.5% American Bulldog, 12.5% German Shorthaired Pointer and 12.5% Mini Poodle. Who knew!
"She is feisty and fearless but also such a cuddle bug and a very good listener. She was potty- and crate-trained so quickly we couldn’t believe how easy she was.
"She always has to have something in her mouth whether it’s her ball, bone or even the tag on her collar! As much as she loves us, her favorite one in the family is her grouchy older brother and he is liking her more every day. "We cannot thank you all enough for giving us this little girl to our family!"
Thank YOU for adopting Marley from the Clinton County Humane Society!

September 2, 2019

A bittersweet but beautiful tribute 😭

Back in 2011, our shelter took in about a dozen dogs that had been living — if you can call it that — at a puppy mill in our area. There were several poodles, including one who was named “Glad” by volunteers. She was almost 10 years old and had spent most of a decade being forced to breed litter after litter after litter. 
The shelter had to spend more than $1,200 just in dental care for the rescued dogs because their teeth were in such bad shape. 
Thanks to our volunteers and an adopter who decided one day to check out our shelter, this dog’s life changed completely. We’ll let you read, in the words of the kind woman, about how it wasn’t just a canine life that changed that day in 2011.
My sweet pup Snooki (shelter name Glad) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 16, 2019, at 8:20 in the morning. Her nearly 18 years on this earth (last 8 with me) have been some of the best years of my life. I went to the Clinton County Humane Society when I was home visiting my parents from Chicago for Thanksgiving. 
I was on the fence about getting a dog and decided to go check out the shelter because my stepmom’s sister had volunteered there and I was looking for something to do. 
When Snooki came barreling into the room with her fluffy poof head, I instantly fell in love. I was warned that she was an older dog, but her vigor and sweet disposition wouldn’t allow me to leave the shelter without her! 
I took a chance and brought her back to Chicago with me. I traveled extensively alone for my job at that time and I brought her alongside me to every state I would have to go work in. She lived a life of fluffy hotel beds, doggie treats, road trips, and much love. She even got to go on vacations alongside me to Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico! She was a world traveler and the best companion. 
When I met my husband, we relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, where she lived out her life in the South. 
I was fortunate enough for both of my babies (Sadie, 2 years, and Samuel, 10 months) to meet this very special furry friend of my previous life before marriage and children. A few years ago, she got very sick but we were able to control her symptoms with medicine and vet care. I am so glad I did all that I did a few years ago, it allowed me to spend 2.5 additional years with her by my side! 
A few weeks ago, her health started to go downhill again but this time I couldn’t control the symptoms like before, and just as humans bodies do when they get older, dogs’ bodies start shutting down too.  
Thank you to CCHS for rescuing this sweet pup and allowing me to love her all these years. She taught me so much about love, kindness, happiness, and loyalty. I will cherish the times I had with her and will miss her so!
—Katie Hochhausler Turner

August 17, 2019

We have adopted more than 8,000 pets since 2003!

We are excited to announce that our shelter recently marked the milestone of adopting 8,000 pets, which happened with the dual adoption of Bonnie & Clyde, two young dogs released together when their owner was moving. 
Bonnie & Clyde's luck changed a little more than a week ago when these two found a wonderful forever home together in Kentucky!

August 16, 2019

Puppy splendor in the grass

This is gorgeous Gwendolyn (named Grace at the shelter), who was adopted from a beautiful litter of Lab mixes. She will definitely live happily ever after!

August 15, 2019

Thank you, Ace! And happy birthday!

Ace, who was adopted from our shelter as a puppy, has turned 10 years old, and his generous family brought us 11 packages of paper towels in his honor (Ace thought there should be a bonus package 🥰).
Happy Birthday to Ace! He’s a gorgeous guy who lives a wonderful life!
Thank you to his people for always remembering our shelter!

August 8, 2019

You might want to sit down for this cuteness.

We want to share some photos of Winston Levi, who was one of a litter of puppies at our shelter. Winston was adopted July 26, and he has already been on a few shopping adventures, with a first stop at TSC for some necessities. 
Winston's human family is totally in love with him, and his older canine and feline siblings are teaching him the ropes. 
We are delighted that he is so well loved!

August 7, 2019

August 6, 2019

We get free litter when you nominate us

We are eligible for our first free-litter coupons thanks to supporters who purchased this brand of litter and nominated our shelter!
The Litter for Good program encourages consumers to nominate their favorite animal shelters to receive free litter at and to purchase a green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter. For every green jug sold, Cat’s Pride will donate a pound of litter to shelters nationwide to help animals in need, with the goal of five million pounds of litter donated this year and twenty million pounds by the year 2020.

August 5, 2019

Tucker found a place to cool off

We love seeing his sweet face. 
Update from his family: "We are absolutely in love with our new puppy!! We named him ‘Tucker.’ He’s really enjoying this cool spot in the dirt under our weeping cherry!"

July 25, 2019

DeeDee is living the dream!

DeeDee was adopted from our shelter two years ago, and she appears to be aging backward! Her family updated us recently, saying, “She is the most amazing and most laid back dog. She is such a sweetheart.”
Her family says DeeDee “is living the dream” in Michigan. 
“We are so lucky that the other family didn’t come to get her. She is the best dog!! Thanks again!”

Thank YOU for adopting DeeDee from the Clinton County Humane Society

July 24, 2019

Looking for a new family

Sunni is so beautiful! Approximately 3 years old, Sunni cannot live with cats and will actually do best with no other dogs either. She is most likely housetrained.

Here's Sunni's link on Petfinder:

July 23, 2019

You all came through with cat litter!

Two weeks ago, we shared that we had 22 cats/kittens and were in dire need of cat litter. So many of you generous souls helped us out, dropping off litter or having it delivered. Thank you, thank you! An overload of cats will probably be an issue all summer, so we really needed those donations! 
This is a photo of a wonderful Amazon delivery sent by Helen Rollens. 

July 22, 2019

Puppies, puppies everywhere

Among the 42 cats and dogs at the shelter right now, these 16 adorable puppies are waiting to find love and long-term commitments.

You can see all our adoptable pets here: