January 23, 2021

You know who needed to see a kitten in a sweater? We did!

We love this adorable update on Cain, who is cute as "cain" be. 

His owner told us: "Thank you again for allowing me to adopt the black male kitten named Wes on November 15. Since I have gotten him home, his forever name is Cain and he loves his new family.

"He spends his days playing and sleeping and is as sweet as can be!"

Thank you for adopting Cain from the Clinton County Humane Society!

January 22, 2021

Phantom is a handsome boy, and he has had such a great life!

Phantom was adopted in March 2012 and lived at his owner's parents' house until she graduated from college in 2016. 

Phantom (named Apollo at the shelter) went along with her to graduate school at Ohio State, where he still lives. 

His owner told us: "I took a picture of him looking like a Christmas card the other day and I just had to share. He's still doing wonderful, is still the 'goodest' boy, and his favorite things are his beddie, going buh-bye in the car, and his walks. 

"He turns the big 10 in April! Still very mobile for a big fella and dances and gallops about when it's time to go out in the morning. He's a very happy boy 😊"

Thank you for adopting Phantom from the Clinton County Humane Society and for taking such great care of him!

January 20, 2021

Thank you to this generous girl for her donation!

 Sweet Gwenna, age 11, saved up her money in a special container, and this afternoon she came to the shelter to bring us the $124.65! 

This is the second time Gwenna has brought the humane society a donation from money she has saved! ❤️❤️ It really warms our hearts on a cold winter day.

Thank you so much, Gwenna! We really appreciate your support of all the animals at the Clinton County Humane Society!

January 19, 2021

Diesel was obviously a very good boy last year!

(Diesel has also been a good boy every year before, and already this year too!)

His owners sent us this gorgeous photo of this handsome canine’s Christmas haul and let us know how well-loved he is. 

They wrote: “We adopted him from you several years ago. He is a great addition to our family and enjoys helping us on our horse farm just outside Clarksville (Ohio).”

January 18, 2021

Oreo needs his own movie to star in!

 This sweet pup’s family sent adorable photos and a heartwarming update, with this last line: “Shelter dogs are the best and really appreciate everything in life.”

We couldn’t agree more. 💯

“Oreo is the most amazing dog, and we really appreciate you guys saving him for us. 

“He gets along with all of our dogs and absolutely loves the cats. 

“We are so lucky to have found him, as he brings such happiness to this home. Not a night goes by that he does not sleep next to me, snoring in my ear, and I cherish every moment. 

“He is truly perfect; the sweetest and happiest dog we’ve ever had. I am sending you pictures of the past few months, and I am sure you will see how much he is loving his life now. “

We definitely can see how well loved he is! Thank you for adopting Oreo from the Clinton County Humane Society!

January 10, 2021

She is 'trying to be a lap dog'

 Update on Bea:

"The horses are very curious about her. Today and yesterday they met her for the first time. I couldn't be more proud of the horses being extremely gentle and loving to her.

"She absolutely loves to ride with us in the truck and going on adventures with us. She is pretty, loving, and trying to be a lap dog."

January 8, 2021

This is what 'forever family' means

Chloe was adopted from our shelter as a puppy over 9 years ago! She is pictured with her pal Tigger!

January 7, 2021

Thank you to the generous folks at Amy's Grooming

Amy’s Grooming really amazed us again this year! She and her crew collected more than 35 items for an auction AND after the drawings presented us with a donation of $1,562.50!!!!!  

The next time you have your pet groomed at Amy’s, please be sure to thank them for their generous support of shelter animals in Clinton County! They support us year-round, and they’ve also done astounding transformations for some of our most neglected new intakes!


January 6, 2021

Light, happiness, and joy

 Fancy and Fiona were both adopted from our shelter in 2009, and they have been loved and adored ever since!

They live in Connecticut now, and their family sent us these photos of the girls admiring the family's extraordinary light display. 

Their family said: "This was a challenging year for all of us. I decided I should 'GO BIG OR GO HOME' with my Christmas decorations. I wanted to bring light, happiness and joy to my family, friends, neighbors and the community."

Fancy & Fiona have brought light, happiness, and joy to so many people! ❤️

January 5, 2021

Bowie is such a good boy!

Bowie enjoyed his first Christmas in his new home, after being adopted in early September. 

He loves looking out the window for people playing in the snow and always wishes he could be out there with them.

Bowie (called Sterling at the shelter) was an underweight stray when he arrived. He is well loved and well fed now!

Such a handsome boy!

Bowie, we know some of your dreams have already come true. ☃️

January 4, 2021

Merry Christmas to Rosie!

 We hope Rosie had a very merry Christmas! She is a gift herself!

December 25, 2020

'This dog is at peace'

 Last fall, a little after Naima (formerly Ginger) was adopted, we received this photo of her, with the words, "This dog is at peace." 

Naima was sweet and friendly but had inexplicably spent five long months at the shelter.

We thought that the photo looked just like a Christmas card, so we are sharing it on Christmas 2020 to remind us how hopes and dreams do come true.

December 14, 2020

Lily has been through a lot she is still sweet as can be

***UPDATE: ADOPTED!***Lily is a gorgeous white boxer who came to us very pregnant — she had a rough pregnancy but delivered 6 big, healthy pups, all adopted.

Lily was a great mama and her pups all went to loving homes. But Lily had a mammary tumor that needed to be removed after her puppies were weaned and adopted. After a local vet did a chest X-ray and determined no metastases, Lily underwent surgery to remove the existing mass, and she has been recovering with us and is now ready to be adopted.

Lily is about 5 years old and very gentle. She has no hearing issues that we can tell. We all have grown to love Lily so we are looking for an amazing adopter/family who will pamper her the rest of her life.

Because of her X-ray and surgery, Lily’s veterinary expenses exceeded even normal costs associated with a canine pregnancy, so we are hoping to raise a little money to help with the cost incurred.

We’ve had to do more virtual fundraising than normal this year because our in-person fundraisers had to be canceled. Every little bit helps.

Here's Lily's profile on Petfinder.com

November 27, 2020

You can order a personalized brick in tribute of someone (or some pet) you know and love!

We have been offering memorial bricks for many years in order to raise money for our nonprofit animal shelter, the Clinton County Humane Society. They are on display on the pillars at our shelter at 1760 Fife Ave. in Wilmington, Ohio. 

Please consider purchasing a personalized brick dedicated to a pet or someone you know who loves animals. Bricks are $50 each or two for $75! The form is available for download on the right side of this website. You can mail the completed form and a check to: Clinton County Humane Society, ATTN: Memorial Bricks, PO Box 1024, Wilmington, OH 45177

Thank you!