January 1, 2009

Happy Pets and Their adopters!

We love to hear and see the pix and notes that the adopters send. Here are just two of the latest. I thought you might want to see updated pictures of the babies. Sunshine is the orange and white one and Tigger is the buff striped one. They are ruling the house now. They are eating machines and love to be loved. They want to be with us 24/7. They just allow us to live with them now! We love them so much and they have brought us much joy. Have a Happy New Year!!!! Bill and Susan Sparks
I wanted to email you and tell you that Sophie (known to you as Gretchen) is a great addition to my life. She loves my big yard and playing with her friend Andi (the husky lab mix named Samantha that the Brown family adopted a week after I got Sophie). She is a sweet little girl!:) Thank you so much for making the adoption experience simple and fun! The first photo is Sophie trying to eat my big camera; the second photo is Sophie sleeping with her buddy Andi. Keep up the good work! Laura Mexicott