December 25, 2020

'This dog is at peace'

 Last fall, a little after Naima (formerly Ginger) was adopted, we received this photo of her, with the words, "This dog is at peace." 

Naima was sweet and friendly but had inexplicably spent five long months at the shelter.

We thought that the photo looked just like a Christmas card, so we are sharing it on Christmas 2020 to remind us how hopes and dreams do come true.

December 14, 2020

Lily has been through a lot she is still sweet as can be

***UPDATE: ADOPTED!***Lily is a gorgeous white boxer who came to us very pregnant — she had a rough pregnancy but delivered 6 big, healthy pups, all adopted.

Lily was a great mama and her pups all went to loving homes. But Lily had a mammary tumor that needed to be removed after her puppies were weaned and adopted. After a local vet did a chest X-ray and determined no metastases, Lily underwent surgery to remove the existing mass, and she has been recovering with us and is now ready to be adopted.

Lily is about 5 years old and very gentle. She has no hearing issues that we can tell. We all have grown to love Lily so we are looking for an amazing adopter/family who will pamper her the rest of her life.

Because of her X-ray and surgery, Lily’s veterinary expenses exceeded even normal costs associated with a canine pregnancy, so we are hoping to raise a little money to help with the cost incurred.

We’ve had to do more virtual fundraising than normal this year because our in-person fundraisers had to be canceled. Every little bit helps.

Here's Lily's profile on