May 31, 2024

Thank you to Leadership Clinton Class of 2024!

Class of 2024 for their final class project teamed with the Clinton County Humane Society and PAWS Humane Society for a Pet Supply Drive that ran all through the month of March.

Many members of this Leadership Clinton class secured drop-off locations in various parts of the county for those who wanted to contribute. When class members collected the donations, Leadership Clinton was overwhelmed by the positive outpour of support.

The reason why this class decided to pursue this cause is because many members of the class have adopted animals or love for animals in general. After much discussion and research, it came to light that these organizations are always in short supply of paper towels, trash bags, soap, and many other things while operating on a minimal budget. Just to name a few, LC collected hundreds of trash bags, cleaning supplies, cans of food, and so much more!

Leadership Clinton also wants to thank businesses that agreed to be drop-off locations:

● Peoples Bank in Blanchester

● Peoples Bank in Wilmington (both locations)

● Wilmington Savings Bank

“It was fun to raise the pet supplies for the shelters. It is a worthy cause and it was cool to see the community pull so many supplies together," said Danielle Theil, Peoples Bank Manager and 2024 Leadership Clinton graduate.

To conclude this project, the 2024 class of Leadership Clinton held graduation on April 23 at TinCap where they presented results of their class project. Many class members wanted to thank their places of employment and personal affiliations for sponsoring them to be a part of Leadership Clinton.

A great example of allowing for adjustment

That is Shadow on the right — he is a great example of how a family gave him time to fit into their household before giving up on him. And now he's theirs "for life." 

It often takes shelter pets a while to readjust to their new environments; many have been through a lot of change in a short time already. 

Shadow's family drove an hour to Wilmington to pick him up because that's where one of the humans got their first dog, who'd recently passed away after 12 years. They decided their remaining dog, Woogie, needed a friend. 

"Shadow was so sweet and perfect temperament. I instantly fell in love when he offered us his pa . Woogie, however, wasn’t convinced we needed another dog, lol. It took time and patience. Woogie finally realized it wasn’t a short-term decision and he wasn’t going anywhere.

"I’m glad we took the time and kept working with them. Now they are go everywhere together. And Shadow never leaves my side. 

"Thank you for giving me just what I needed in my life, and I can’t imagine Shadow not being a part of it."

Thank YOU for adopting Shadow and not giving up on him! 

May 30, 2024

Birthday update: 'She's still doing great!'

 What a beauty! 🤩

Grace's family guessed that she turned 1 this month, based on her estimated age when they adopted her. 

They told us: "She's still doing great and is absolutely beautiful!" We agree wholeheartedly!

Thank you for adopting Grace from the Clinton County Humane Society!

May 29, 2024

Griffin and his toy of many colors

 This is Griffin, who is doing very well in his new adoptive home. He loves his colorful new toys, although he may need to grow a little more to conquer some of them. 😻

If you’re interested in adding a kitten/cat to your life, now is the time. Although Griffin has been adopted, his siblings and many other kittens are either at the shelter or waiting in foster care to find forever homes!

May 28, 2024

Happy Gotcha Day, Ginny!

 One year ago today, one of the sweetest dogs ever was adopted by the perfect family for her! Ginny (formerly Grace) arrived at the shelter underweight with a super long toenails. However, her previous life of neglect in no way dimmed her sunny personality.

Ginny is a gentle hugger who obviously loves being part of her new family — and she has filled out with good nutrition underneath her silky and shiny coat! 

Ginny gets to hang out at soccer games and other fun places, charming people everywhere she goes. She has a staff of humans who give her baths, brush her hair, and brush her teeth. 

To celebrate Ginny’s Gotcha Day, her family loaded shelter supplies, humans, and Ginny the golden into the minivan to deliver it all to the shelter today, meeting the (very grateful volunteer) who had facilitated the adoption last year. Ginny gave much-needed hugs and proudly showed off her forever family who loves her the way a dog should be loved. 🦮

🐾❤️Happy Gotcha Day, Ginny! ❤️🐾

Thank you to Ginny’s family for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society! And thank you for the donations!

May 25, 2024

Handsome Hudson the husky is happy in his home

Hudson’s adoptive family might need to hire an agent for this pup with the rugged good looks and the movie-star mascara. 🤩

Adopted last month, Hudson continues to grow a little every day! The bigger he gets, the more cuteness there is to snuggle!

Thank you for adopting Hudson from the Clinton County Humane Society! #handsomehusky #adoptdontshop

May 24, 2024

We are thankful for our neighbors Amazon Air-KILN

 Thank you to Shari and the other generous folks at Amazon Air-KILN for donating all kinds of pet supplies for the animals at the Clinton County Humane Society! 

We appreciate our Amazon neighbors helping the shelter! 


May 20, 2024

Happy Gotcha Day, Kala!

Today is the three-year anniversary of Kala's Gotcha Day! 

Her family told us: "She loves to play hard but as she has aged, she also crashes hard.😃 She's still the best girl. We love her oh-so-much."

Thank you for adopting Kala from the Clinton County Humane Society! 

May 1, 2024

Hank's humans are all in love with him

Hank the puppy has found his forever home. His humans are all in love with him, and his canine siblings are coming around too. He now lives in northern Ohio, enjoying sunbeams, lots of toys, and a warm bed of his own.

We are so happy for this sweet boy who was rescued by our dog warden. 

Thank you for adopting Hank from the Clinton County Humane Society!

Banjo 'is such an amazing and smart puppy!'

Banjo is obviously under the tutelage of a strong and wise canine sibling, and he looks pretty happy about it! 

Update: "Hi! Banjo (aka Bandit) is such an amazing and smart puppy! Thank you so much for allowing us to add him to our family!"

Thank you for adopting Banjo!