March 31, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know that cats can have three litters per year, and that the gestation time is about 63 days? In seven years, just one unspayed cat, her mate and their offspring can produce more than 300,000 homeless kittens. Every litter counts! We at CCHS recommend that all cats be spayed or neutered, ideally before 4-6 months of age

March 11, 2009

A Visit to Mrs. Chaney's Third Grade Class

Mrs. Chaney's third grade students at Holmes Elementary School sold products that they had designed and created. They voted to donate the proceeds of the sale to the Clinton County Humane Society. Last week, two volunteers from the CCHS shelter brought a wonderful dog named Tiffany to visit the class. As you can see by the photos, they all had a great time.

March 7, 2009

Girl Scout Junior Troop # 48361 Visit

Brittany, one of volunteers, brought her GSA Junior Troop # 48361 from Fayetteville for a visit to the shelter.