January 29, 2022

The sky's the limit for this adopted girl!

Sky waited nearly six long months in the shelter for the right person who would take her home and love her forever. 

She had been getting pretty depressed enduring kennel life, so seeing her hop into her new owner's truck, still not quite sure what to trust, brought us to tears. And then receiving the pictures of her stretched out and snoozing in her new home makes us all so happy. 😊 Sky has several acres and woods to explore now. 

Thank you for adopting Sky from the Clinton County Humane Society!

January 28, 2022

Good boys who sit get yummy cookies

From the #BettyWhiteChallenge post, this donor shared a picture of her very good boys waiting patiently for cookies. She wrote, "Your staff and animals are absolutely amazing! So deserving! Grateful to you guys for my boys."

Thank you for adopting your dogs from the Clinton County Humane Society and for donating to our shelter!

January 27, 2022

Belle had a long and fabulous life

 It's terribly hard to say goodbye, but Belle had a long and well-loved life — what a wonderful gift for a shelter dog. 💙

"Thank you for all you do to find homes for our fur friends. Our Belle came from the CCHS. We got to love her for 14 years and 5 months. She passed in October. She was one of our favorite hellos and hardest goodbyes. Be blessed!"

Thank you for adopting Belle from the Clinton County Humane Society!

January 26, 2022

Thanks to Drake, the cats have great new spaces

We are extremely grateful to Drake Bennett, whose Eagle Scout service project was building and refurbishing several cat trees for our shelter cats. Our cats and kittens LOVE cat trees, and the ones Drake created are extra sturdy because he used high-quality materials that stand up to high-traffic shelter life. He made two deliveries of cat trees, and they are a big hit!

Drake started as a Cub Scouts in 2nd grade, and he is a member of Troop 155 of Clarksville, Ohio. 

Eagle Scout is the highest rank achievable in Boy Scouts. Congratulations, Drake, and thank you from all the cats and kittens and all the volunteers of the Clinton County Humane Society!


January 25, 2022

Julie the cat helps older cat cheer up

From Julie's owners: "Julie, formerly Jolene, has been a wonderful addition to our home! She’s feisty and fun! Getting big and learning to jump. Our elderly cat has come out of her shell and has become so spunky since Julie came. We didn’t realize she was depressed since the passing of our 14 year old cat. But Julie has changed that! She even helps with school! Thanks for letting us add her to our family!!"

Thank you for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society!

January 18, 2022

Such kindness and generosity, sparked by Betty White

Yesterday we posted a link about the "Betty White Challenge," hoping we might be able to raise a couple hundred dollars to offset the veterinary expenses of more than a dozen cats/kittens as well as two brand-new litters of pitbull puppies.

To our utter surprise, you all donated THOUSANDS of dollars to our shelter, which will go directly toward the animals in our care. 

In addition to the $3,154 raised via Facebook, many of you sent in donations via PayPal or the Petfinder Foundation, totaling $912. We also have at least one check already for $50. That brings our grand total to $4,116 in donations on Jan. 17, 2022, what would have been Betty White's 100th birthday! Truly amazing!

We believe Betty White would be happy to know how much her memory helped shelters, rescues, and zoos across the country. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

January 17, 2022

Thank you, Betty White, for all you have done for animals!

The late, great Betty White was amazing in all kinds of ways, and being a well known voice of compassion for animals was one of the many reasons she was so beloved. 

It’s January 17, 2022, what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday, and we would be honored to be beneficiaries of the #BettyWhiteChallenge, an online movement that started shortly after her death on December 31.

Fans are encouraged to celebrate Betty White’s lifelong dedication to animals by donating $5 to an animal rescue organization, and the Clinton County Humane Society would love it if you would direct your donation locally. We have a PayPal link on this website, and we have a button set up on our Facebook page, @ClintonCountyHumaneSocietyOhio
You can also send us a check to CCHS, P.O. Box 1024, Wilmington, OH 45177.

We just took in 13 cats and kittens a couple days ago, then vaccinated, tested, and spayed/neutered each one — and have already started finding great homes for them.

Because of the generosity of many humans, we volunteers can do what we can for homeless animals in Clinton County.


Photo credit: NBC/Getty Images