July 27, 2011


Just wanted to thank you again for Leina. She is such a joy to have around (except when she wakes me at 7 am on the weekend). We adopted her 2 weeks ago, and she has already completely stolen our hearts! While she will still have an occasional accident, she will not soil her cage, and knows to go outside to potty. She is a pillow hog, and loves to fight and play. I also think she may have a foot fetish, as she loves to chew on my feet! Her first vet visit went well, she’s weighing in at 12 lbs, 7 oz. Her vet thinks she may be a Harrier mix instead of Beagle, mostly due to the length of her legs and size of her paws. Pretty big paws for a 2 month old! Anyway, I am sending just a few of the many pics I have taken of her. I would like to thank you again for bringing such a joy into our lives, and for the wonderful work all of your shelter workers and volunteers do that make a difference in the lives of so many!

July 22, 2011


Hello Patti, He is an awesome puppy and we are so pleased to have him! He yowled for only a few minutes and was easily comforted. He traveled perfectly. My daughter (7 yr old) came home about 1:00 to the surprise of her life! We video taped their 1st meeting and it rivaled any "I'm going to Disney World" surprise. She just kneeled and he immediately smiled and showed her great affection, as only a puppy can. She said, "Is he mine!?", "Can I keep him!?", "This is the happiest day of my life!". As a result, yesterday was one of the happiest days of our life, too! He went potty outside which was a pleasant surprise, (and inside also- but that was expected). He immediately enjoyed the comfort of his new kennel. He fell asleep in the living room floor with us about 10:00. I then put Madison to bed, picked him up and put him in his kennel where he slept all night! He barked during the night 1 time and woke me for the day about 6:15. He did not potty in his kennel and I immediately took him out where he did potty! I would say that our first day as a family was a success and very joyful....for everyone but the cat!:)) She is working on showing him who is in charge and seems to only be detered in that endeavor by his barking! He's such a good puppy! All the neighbor children and familes think he is the most darling boy ever! Thank you, Kim