March 31, 2019

A new happy life in New Hampshire

This is gorgeous Veronica, happy at home. She lives in New Hampshire now, a long way from Clinton County, Ohio, where she was adopted a year ago from our shelter. Named Rani at the shelter, she had been abandoned by her owners with another dog, Fonzie. Veronica has a gorgeous German shepherd brother, and we are so happy to see how well she is cared for! 

Thank you for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 30, 2019

CCHS alumnus Julie gets a new little sister from the shelter

That is Luna (formerly Venus) on the left, and she's a new little sister to Julie (formerly Jewel) on the right. Luna's lucky day was Saturday, when she was adopted by the same family who had adopted Julie after she had spent many months at our shelter. They are both very lucky dogs in a loving home. 
Their family says they've been getting along really well! And they think both Luna and Julie are PERFECT. 

Thank you for adopting TWICE from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 29, 2019

Sweet dreams, sweet Rocco

Sweet Rocco had been at the shelter since autumn, but the right match wasn't made until last week, just in time for spring. After a winter of waiting, he is happily enjoying snoozing comfortably in his new home, free of worry.
His owner says: "Just wanted you to know that Rocco is doing great! And is the sweetest dog ever!"
Thank you for adopting Rocco from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 28, 2019

Looking for former littermates from 2017

Mattie Rose was adopted in March 2017, and she's now almost 70 pounds. Her litter was named after flowers (Rose, Lily, etc.). If anyone out there has an updated photo of one of her littermates, Mattie's family would love to see it — you can email it to us at or post it to our Facebook page,

March 27, 2019

How could anyone resist that handsome face?

This good boy must get unlimited cookies. 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴
Jace (named Jayson as a puppy at the shelter) recently celebrated another year with his wonderful family. 
His owner tells us: "This big guy graduated from being a puppy to a grown dog on his 2nd birthday! He is such a sweet, loving and happy guy! We are so thankful for your shelter!"

Thank you for adopting Jace from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 26, 2019

Why 'free' kittens aren't always the best choice

There are a lot of misconceptions about spaying/neutering cats, and we wanted you to know that the Clinton County Humane Society works to spay and neuter each animal it adopts out so that the population of unwanted pets is decreased, and that each animal is a wanted animal. Two uncontrolled breeding cats and their offspring could produce a population of 80 million cats within 10 years.

One misconception about spaying and neutering cats, in particular, is that it will affect a cat’s ability to be a great mouser. It’s simply not true, according to those in veterinary medicine. “Because spay/neutering only affects sexually dimorphic behaviors, and does not affect learning, it will not impair an animal's ability to do work, hunt, guard, etc.,” according to the veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences department at Texas A&M. “Animals actually may be better able to focus on their task, since they will be less distracted by other dogs and cats.”

Cats are instinctively programmed to hunt. Spaying or neutering does not affect that instinct. Spayed and neutered animals are three times less likely to develop behavior problems as intact animals, according to Texas A&M. And it helps to prevent roaming, escaping and running away in search of a mate, so those animals are less likely to be involved in car accidents.

In a rural community, cats are often allowed to breed over and over again, so although it is easy to get a "free" kitten in many places in Clinton County, our low-cost adoptable cats come already spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. 

If you are looking for a mouser who will provide you with endless hours of amusement, please consider adopting one of ours. You can find our adoptable pets on this link:

Gracie is still available for adoption

Thank you to the Wilmington (Ohio) News Journal for helping us get the word out about Gracie!

March 24, 2019

Some of the cutest 8-year-olds ever!

This is Lily (on the left) and Lulou on the right. They were adopted from our shelter eight years ago — they celebrated March 5.

March 23, 2019

It’s wonderful to get a cat update! Yay, Eggsy!

Eggy's owner tells us: “I adopted Eggsy (Kody) from the shelter back in July of last year. Ever since we got him, he’s always been a cuddler and sometimes a little too curious, playful, and uncoordinated for his own good. His full name is Edgar, but we call him Eggsy, and he is very dapper and wears a bow tie. He’s goofy and sweet, he makes me laugh even when I’ve had a horrible time recently, and has gotten me through a terrible time in my life these past few months.  
“He’s certainly become my fur baby that I dote on and my ‘emotional support animal.’ Thank you for all that you guys do!!”

March 22, 2019

Check out the bone-guarding ear action!

This is Hachi (called Chandler at the shelter), who was adopted from the Clinton County Humane Society in January 2013! 
His owners told us, “He's our big 100-pound baby! Now a Texan. :)”
Don’t mess with Hachi’s bone. Or Texas.

March 21, 2019

Love at first sight!

It was love at first sight for the family who adopted Spot on March 14. We wish you could've seen the look on the little girl's face when she first saw him!

March 20, 2019

Happy Adoption Day, little guy!

Adorable Spud’s adoption day was March 14, and this lucky pup can look forward to unlimited snuggles and lots of exercise to tire him out! 

March 19, 2019

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Jamo, Tully, and Hart had a lucky St. Patrick’s Day (and every day since they were adopted together from our shelter).

March 15, 2019

Marge is livin' large at her adopted home!

Marge was adopted as a puppy from our shelter in July, and she is enjoying her first winter with her family. She's such a beautiful dog!
Thank you for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 14, 2019

Maximus is doing well with training — and snuggling

This is Maximus, who was adopted from a recent Valentine's litter. He has such beautiful blue eyes!
He is a littermate of Zivah and Shiner, who both had updates posted recently.
Maximus (named Valentino at the shelter) loves to snuggle. He is also doing great with training, working on the puppy biting stage, and the name game.
His new family says, "Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, answering questions, sharing photos, dedicated love to the animals and smiling faces."
Thank you for adopting this guy from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 13, 2019

Thank you to State Farm's Carrie Zeigler!

For every household life insurance quote in the month of February, Carrie Zeigler State Farm Insurance donated to the Clinton County Humane Society. The Clinton County Humane Society is funded through local donations and adoption fees and we were excited to present the check to them this morning. 🐾🐾

March 12, 2019

March 8, 2019

It's Fonzie's sweet face!

Fonzie's family tells us, "Fonzie (formerly Banjo) has been with us for almost 2 years and is the sweetest, most loving guy ever! We love him and so does everyone who meets him! He’s the best! Thank you for allowing me to adopt him!"

March 7, 2019

Super big and still super playful

This is Miss Annie, who was adopted from our shelter as a puppy in 2016. Her family told us recently that she is super big and still super playful. And obviously gorgeous!
"She loves the snow, and she has big, beautiful and adorable amber eyes. She knows lots of tricks, and she is still very smart!"
She certainly found herself in a great home! Thank you for adopting her from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 5, 2019

We could just stare at that face all day long

Shiner was adopted around Valentine's Day with an adorable litter of boxer-bulldogs. Named Cupid at the shelter, Shiner has been working on his housetraining (it's getting there!) and sleeping through the night (success!).
His family tells us: "He's definitely in the puppy biting phase, but we're working through it and he's slowly getting used to going for walks on a leash.
"He's a real snuggle bug ... loves to snuggle in one of our laps when it's naptime. Too cute! Thank you so much — it's a joy to have a dog again!"
Thank you for adopting Shiner from the Clinton County Humane Society!

March 4, 2019

Please sign up for Amazon Smile for your regular shopping

We at the Clinton County Humane Society encourage Amazon purchasers to do their Amazon shopping at Amazon Smile. Why? Because the Clinton County Humane Society will receive 0.5% of the price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases! It costs the buyer nothing, but our shelter gets a small portion just when people buy through
Some of our volunteers do so, and every little bit adds up!
To sign up for AmazonSmile please go to and use your Amazon or Amazon Prime log-in information. If you do not have an account, please use the Create Your Amazon Account button. Follow the instructions to choose the Clinton County Humane Society in Wilmington, Ohio (there are two CCHS organizations listed, one is in Indiana!).
AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
Please support the Clinton County Humane Society by starting your shopping at

Wendell is a champion snuggler!

From Wendell's family: "We adopted Wendell (once known as Dooley) in September of 2014. He is the sweetest, most lovable Dachshund ever! As you can see in this picture, he loves to snuggle with us. He has brought so much joy to our lives.  We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to adopt this sweet guy! We can’t imagine life without him!"

Thank you for adopting Wendell from the Clinton County Humane Society!

Bella is going to strut her stuff at the Indy Mutt Strut

Bella has been in her forever home now for just over a year. Called Frida at the shelter, Bella is fully grown and weighs just under 15 pounds.
She has successfully completed a puppy, intermediate, and advanced training course.
Bella's owner told us: "She continues to be a joy, loves her toys, and just being the center of attention.
"My parents in Indy recently rescued a chihuahua they named Ziva. Bella and Ziva are best buddies. They are inseparable when we go to Indy for weekly visits.
"In April, Bella and I have signed up and started a team for the annual Indy Mutt Strut. We will participate in the greatest spectacle in dog walking and will walk around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with 4,000-plus other dogs."
Check out the "Brickyard Strutters," Bella's team, at
Thank you for adopting Bella from the Clinton County Humane Society!