Good Morning Becky
I just wanted to give you guys an update on Miss Rosemary. We decided not to change her name and "Rosie" tends to be what she is called the most. She met her new vet, Dr. Schumacher, last week for a check up and there are no issues.  She weighed a healthy 9.6 Ibs. She and her new sister, Sweet Tea, are happy as clams in the sand together. You can see the love in the pictures. Rosie is a bit of a bed hog. Their names should be Yin and Yang because their personalities balance each other perfectly. Rosie thinks she's a lap dog and loves to cuddle, unfortunately, for her I think there will come a day when my lap will be too small for her. Her potty training has been a breeze because she took to the training pads without a hitch. She is setting a great example for Sweet Tea who is almost there. She is able to sleep through the night without any accidents in their kennel. I tried to separate them to give them their own space but they didn't want to be apart. She is such a puppy but is learning the house rules with very little effort. She is so smart! We are really looking forward to warmer weather because by then they'll have clearance to romp around the yard. That will really be a fun to watch. 
The Rudolph Family