April 30, 2024

Rocky definitely knows how to use his voice

 This sweet face belongs to Rocky the puppy, who was adopted February 5. His new owner reached out to let us know that he is enjoying his new home:

"I am obsessed over his 6 little toes on the back paws — so awesome, if you ask me! He is such a playful, loving dog. He definitely knows how to use his voice. He is a very, very vocal puppy and also such a lover when it comes to sleep time. 

"He is such an amazing addition to my household. Thank you guys so much!"

Thank YOU for adopting Rocky from the Clinton County Humane Society!

April 29, 2024

Beau is 'the happiest goofball ever'

This guy has looks AND personality, and his adopter appreciates everything about him. 

She told us: "Beau is doing amazing! He is a big boy and still growing! He is just the very best and I am so grateful to have him!"

He is smart and is "the happiest goof ball ever." He also loves to play and cuddle.

His adopter had Beau's DNA tested early on, and Beau is:

50% Dalmatian

23.4% poodle (standard)

17.2% Australian Shepherd

9.4% Miniature/MAS-type Australian Shepherd

Thank you for adopting Beau from the Clinton County Humane Society! 

April 28, 2024

'Thank you guys so much for bringing him into our lives'

At 8 years old, Zeke's divorcing parents decided they didn't want Zeke anymore, so they brought him to the dog pound. We took Zeke into our shelter, and at the time, he was covered in fleas, and his skin and ears were badly infected. 

He healed up in the six long months he spent at the humane society, waiting such a long time for someone to give a senior pittie a chance. Luckily, Zeke's big break came two Marches ago, when a kind and generous and loving family brought Zeke into their lives.

His family sent us this update:

"It’s now been 2 years since we adopted our sweet boy, Zeke!

"We moved back to WV to be closer to family and he is truly living his best life. He loves being king of the couch in our new home even though he has a bed in practically every room! 😂 He also still sits on all open laps and gives all the kisses you want!

"Thank you guys so much for bringing him into our lives and loving him so well before we got to! ❤️

—Zeke, Zeke’s Mom, and Zeke’s Dad"

Thank YOU for adopting Zeke from the Clinton County Humane Society! 

April 27, 2024

'I've been smiling since I got him'

Snoop, formerly Gizmo, has made his new family very happy, which makes us happy. ☺️

His adopter told us: "He has adjusted so well. I've been smiling since I got him. He has such a cute personality. His new name is Snoop because that's all he did when he first came home. Thank you so much for my new best friend."

Thank you for adopting Snoop from the Clinton County Humane Society!

April 26, 2024

Amy's Grooming in Wilmington does amazing work

 We are so grateful to Amy's Grooming in Wilmington, Ohio, for transforming neglected dogs so that they can find forever homes!

The first before-and-after is of Wilson, and the second is of Smokey, both adopted post-grooming.

April 25, 2024

Another generous donation from Equestrian Chic

Thank you AGAIN to Equestrian Chic Boutique for another generous donation of $650 to our shelter here in Wilmington, Ohio!

We will be able to do so much for homeless animals with that money! We are grateful! 

April 24, 2024

Three dog-ateers: Levi, Megan, and Hazel

Sometimes our volunteers are asked how we can regularly help at the humane society without adopting ALL the animals, and believe us, it is hard! So many of us adopt the animals we can handle, which keeps us able to keep returning to the shelter to help the animals we can't bring home. 

These three adorable pups — Levi, May (now Megan), and Hazel — live with a couple who volunteers regularly, and all three dogs are very lucky! 

April 23, 2024

Sienna already enjoys shopping at TSC

This sweet pup is Sienna, who went straight from her adoption appointment to TSC in Wilmington to choose her first comfy bed! She is now the little sister of another CCHS adoptee, Douglas the Dalmatian! 🥰 She is a lucky girl! 

April 22, 2024

Hank loves walks, playing, naps, rides, and camping

This adorable pup named Hank (formerly Murphy) was adopted March 17 is enjoying camping and car rides and all kinds of fun stuff!

His family told us, "He is starting to show us more and more of his silly and energetic personality each and every day! He loves walks, playing outside, camping, taking naps and car rides! He is a great cuddle buddy and gives the best kisses! He loves all of his toys and his blanket! He is doing great settling in and is learning so much so quickly! Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt our Hank! We absolutely love him and can’t wait to see how he grows!"

Thank YOU for adopting Hank from the Clinton County Humane Society!

April 21, 2024

Tate is 100 percent handsome!

Tate was adopted from the Clinton County Humane Society, and his family shared his DNA results after seeing a pup who looks very much like him (adopted from a different litter).

The results were vastly different, which goes to show that judging by looks is just a guessing game. 🤣

Either way, each dog is 100% handsome! 


49.9% Great Pyrenees 

25.3% American English Coonhound

18.6% American Pitbull Terrier

6.2% Boxer 

April 20, 2024

Thank you to TSC's management and customers!

 Thank you so much to the staff and customers of Tractor Supply Co. in Wilmington for donating several boxes of supplies, plus $82.20 worth of gift cards! We are so grateful to our local store and its management for thinking of us! 

TSC is very close to our facility and has a great selection of items not only for farm animals but for household pets too! The gift cards come in handy when we are running low on a certain supply.

April 19, 2024

Walk your dog with others and raise $$ for our shelter

The Wilmington College Veterinarians of Tomorrow is sponsoring its annual dog walk! This year's theme is "You’ve Got a Friend in Me!" This event is held each spring, giving community members the opportunity to come on out and enjoy the day with their pets as well as supporting a good cause! The group has paired with the Clinton County Humane Society! 

Don’t have a dog? There will be adoptable pups there from the humane society for you to walk! There will also be a few raffle items available for attendees, as well as treats for every pet! We hope to see you all April 27! The walk begins at 2pm! 


There is also a registration link if you are planning to be there!

Living his best life in the country to the north

 We would recognize those adorable ears anywhere! On the right is the formerly named Yukon, who spent three months waiting in the shelter for his forever family. He is now living his best life in Canada, happy as a clam! He deserves all the best!

Thank you for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society!