August 29, 2011


We were on our summer vacation
Until we were informed of an evacuation!
We left the fun and sun
And said goodbye to our dream
All because of Hurricane Irene! L
Stay safe and dry,
Fanci and Fiona

August 28, 2011


Dear all at Clinton County Humane Society,

It's a quite a belated letter, and I'm sure you don't remember our dog Bea, whom we have adopted from you in August 2007.

Today Bea got a "reminder card" to visit the vet for yearly check-up, and going through her documentation I decided to look you guys up and see if you're still around, and how things are going at your shelter. I found the list of pets that have been adopted from you on PetFinder, and on page 178 out of 189 I've found our dog:

Reading her bio almost brought tears to my eyes - poor sweetie has not had any visitors! But we are truly thankful that we were the ones to end up with this amazing dog.

The "chubby" got chubbier! 5 pounds of "overchub" according to the vet (working on it). In 2008, we have decided to get a companion for Bea, and have gone through several shelters in Cincinnati area before Bea finally selected the sister she wanted. Bea has been very sweet and caring with our new dog Freckles, who came home to us sick, pregnant (got pregnant in so-called shelter that has been shut down by SPCA earlier this year), malnourished and quite depressed. This was the day we realized how great of a job you have done with Bea, who was perfectly healthy, well socialized and a much happier dog.

Just a couple months later, Bea and Freckles looked like they've been together their entire lives. People often asked us if they were from the same litter, and we got quite a few comments "They act like they have one brain!". They are inseparable, and currently enduring the home invasion aka our newly adopted kitten.

One of Bea's most favorite activities is an evening trip to Starbucks, and riding in the passenger seat. Everyone at Starbucks keeps feeding Bea and Freckles cookies, so they anticipate the ride and remind us if we forget. Car in general creates a lot of excitement, as it usually gets them to a park, dog party or another wonderful dog place.

Cuddling is another favorite of Bea's. While Freckles is a tomboy, Bea is a princess. Also known as the drama queen at the vets, because when she gets her shots/check-up done, she howls like she is being tortured. We had to stop going to Petsmart for grooming of sheer embarrassment, as some of the customers there frequently peeked through the glass to see which dog was in so much pain. But no, it's just someone has touched Bea's paws - she was displeased and decided to let the entire world know about it.
We have bought a house 3 years ago, so now the dogs enjoy a large back yard and a lot of inside space. Added benefit is that my husband works from home, and the animals are almost never alone.
With all her quirks (and mainly because of them!) Bea is a wonderful, loving dog who makes us very happy. There is almost no better feeling for me than to come from work and see my animals bounce up and down welcoming me home.

Thank you for everything you do. We know it's sometimes challenging and disheartening, but you all are amazing for saving so many animals. Best of luck to you!
Forever thankful,


Kate and Michael Bordner

August 7, 2011

Miss Blossom Ellis - one lucky dog!

From Joseph and Ardella Ellis.
Pics of our new girl.

        Thanks to all of you good people at Clinton County Humane Society.