December 29, 2010


Who will you be kissing When you ring in the New Year? We hope they are as cute and furry as we are!!!! We wish you A Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Love, Karen, Fanci and Fiona xxxooo

December 23, 2010


We adopted our beautiful Saint Bernard a few months ago and she has been the most wonderful dog ever! Delilah, now named Matilda, has really taken to our grandson. they have began best of friends! She sleeps next to our bed when he's at home and next to his when he stays the night. She enjoys watching the traffic thru the front window, playing in the snow, and napping!

December 22, 2010


To the staff of the Clinton County Humane Society, Thursday Oct.28th my husband and I made a trip to your shelter. We came to see Oliver,(now Ollie ) a 11 month old dachshund, and we took him home with us. My granddaughter had been wanting a yorkie and saw Armante a yorkie /schnauzer mix on your site, she went Saturday Nov. 6th and picked up Armante (now Monte). When I was looking on your site and found Oliver, I was drawn to Versace, a terrier/schauzer mix.I kept watch and no one adopted him, so we decided maybe Ollie needed a playmate.But did we really want or need two dogs ??? Jennifer suggested that we foster Versace ,to see if he would fit with our family and Ollie.So Nov . 8th ,we picked Versace for a trial run. We had pro-con list for him. Well needless to say he won the pro list and a week an a half later we adopted Versace (now Barney). All three boys are doing very well and all three love their play days at Grandpa and Grandma's.. Thank You very much and Merry Christmas from ours to yours. Dale, Diana, Kassaundra, Ollie, Monte and Barney

December 21, 2010


Dear Staff at Clinton County Humane Society, On January 16th, 2010 my boyfriend and I came to visit your shelter. We had recently lost our dog to liver disease and wanted to give another dog a chance at a good life. I'm not sure if you'll remember but the liter of pups that we looked at all had terrible skins lesions from living in a barn. Nonetheless, that day we took home "Alaine", a female boxer, lab, shepherd mix. Well, we are happy to report that "Alaine" now known as "Haley" is a beautiful, healthy, and most of all happy 71lb dog (now 1 year old). Thank you all for your commitment to saving those in need. It's the little things that make such a big difference. Attached is a photo of Haley. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Denise & Steven

December 11, 2010


To all those who care about our canine and feline homeless animals: CCHS has just completed a month (November) with 92 adoptions completed. The demand for our services has increased greatly. In order to keep up with our expenses, we will need your help. If you have a few dollars left after shopping, you can help our volunteers to help these precious needy animals. If not a monetary donation, we can always use our basic daily needs which include paper towels, inexpensive kitty litter, bleach, newspapers, postage stamps and the like. We are a private shelter; we receive no government money. Since we are a 501(c)3, organization, all donations are tax deductible. Thanks to all of you who have helped support us through the years. Operating a non-profit shelter is not an easy task. It takes lots of love, caring volunteers, equipment and the like. Thank you for your consideration. Any question, please call 937 527 9018. Becky CCHS P O Box 1024 Wilmington OH 45177

December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas, We went to see Santa Paws at Pet Smart today. We told Santa Paws what we want for Christmas!!! Since we have been very good this year we are hoping to get lots of treats, bones and toys!! We hope you get what you want for Christmas too. Love, Karen, Fanci and Fiona too.

November 24, 2010


Gobble Gobble, What are you thankful for this year? We are thankful for: Treats Belly Rubs and You!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love, Karen, Fanci and Fiona Gobble Gobble

November 3, 2010

Two beautiful dogs and one wonderful letter.

Hello: I would like to share a photo of our two pups, both of them adopted from your shelter. Cooper, the good looking black/brown guy on the left was adopted in June, 2007 as a 4mo old pup, shelter name was Wade. He quickly grew into sweetest and smartest dog we have ever had. He loves nothing better than to run and play in the back yard with any other dog around. Betsy the Beagle, on the right, was adopted on July 4, 2010. Her shelter name was Betsy and it seemed to fit her so we kept it. We had never adopted an adult dog before so we were a little worried how everyone would get along. It could not have worked out better. The two of them quickly decided that Betsy was the boss and they have become the best of friends. Cooper is so laid back that he couldn't care less who is in charge as long as there's someone to play with. Betsy is extremely affectionate and loves to be cuddled and petted, just don't bother her when she is napping, that is HER time!!! We wouldn't be happier with the two of them and will never get another dog from anywhere but a shelter, and it will most likely be Clinton County. Your facility is great and it is so obvious that everyone there wants the absolute best for the animals. Keep up the great work. We would love to stop by more often but I don't think we could leave empty handed. Thanks for everything. Greg and Sheila Michael

October 28, 2010


To All Our Fellow Trick or Treaters, We’ve got our costumes all ready, No one will ever know we’re dogs!!! Can WE PLEASE go trick or treating with you? Happy Hoowloween, Fanci and Fiona xxxooo

October 3, 2010

Double the Fun!

The puppies are doing great. I think it was a very good idea to get two! Our dogs are doing okay with them - we're keeping them separated with supervised mingling. Mostly, the old dogs are spooked by the puppies. Our girls absolutely love playing with the puppies or holding them while they sleep. Ron and I can hardly get a turn! I've attached some photos of some happy puppies and happy kids. Thank you for being so patient with us while we chose our puppies. Laura

September 20, 2010

Congratulations, CARLY

Just wanted to report that we adopted Carly (aka: Faith) from your facility back in June 16th 2010. She was one of the 12 German Shepherd mix puppies you had (I believe). Please find attached the following photos: 1) The day after we got her and she was under my desk at the office 2) My son on her graduation from Petsmart puppy class (kinda corny but.....) She is doing very well. Just thought I should let you know! -- Best Regards, Martha Kashner

September 11, 2010


Hi Becky, Wanted to update you on our "little man". He is now 6 months old and weighs in at 5 1/4 pounds! He received his last shot this week for rabies...he is not too fond of the The vet said he is an excellent specimen...of a "handful"! And in perfect health. He is fully potty trained and barks at the door to go out, he trots around the neighborhood on walks like he owns the place...and make no mistake...he is definitely the boss. He knows how to sit, stay and lie down on command; and looks at you with those big brown eyes when he gets into mischief. He has a big boy bed (the attached picture) which he adores, and keeps his many toys close by and sometimes lined up along the inside. He is a "gatherer" we've determined and keeps his toys in clusters all over the house. He loves to play and he and the cat have play-fights several times a day. The cat acts like she is not interested...but we know better :) He is an excellent passenger in the car and is ready at a moments notice...and has been to many places in his dog carrying bag...which he pops his head out of to be fawned over. He loves people and they love him. We never thought that tiny 2 pounds of Chihuahua that we brought home would be such a fabulous addition to our home and our lives. Thanks again, Caitlin and Karen White

September 1, 2010

"Sometimes we older dogs have to put up with more than we should!"

Hello! Just thought you all might like to see pics of Jacie and her new friend Buddy!They are getting along fine! We are very happy to have Jacie in our family. Thanks so much! Tina Palmer and family!

August 29, 2010

And yet another happy adoptor family!

I am attaching a couple of pics of Odette & Odessa I adopted from your shelter in June. They are getting so big, I can not pick them up anymore...even though they are convinced they are still lap puppies! So far, we have not had any issues with the cats (which was my main concern). Still working on potty training, they tend to be more focused when they are seperated. However the only complaint I am having is they are reacking havoc on my tomatoes...they LOVE them and eat them on the vine if I turn my back. Thanks, Andrea

August 27, 2010

Wonder what they are thinking!

Their human sibling went off to school and they all lined up to watch her go. :) Not sure if you remember the guy on the right, but he was adopted from us. He was the brother of the little rat terrier looking thing named Sally. He's giant now.

Molly - a Special MOM

On June 27th Highland County Dog Pound contacted our shelter asking for help with a homeless and very pregnant Beagle. A volunteer from our shelter picked her up that day and named her Molly. Hours later Molly was examined by our shelter veterinarian and it was determined she was too small and lethargic to have all of the babies inside her by herself. Molly needed to have a cesarean that same night. With the help of our dedicated veterinarian and shelter volunteers, Molly has nine babies. Last week our shelter received a call asking for help with three puppies who were only three weeks old. Molly is now a surrogate mother to the additional three pups. She is a great mother to all of her twelve babies and loves all the attention she receives from the shelter volunteers. We are so glad that our shelter was able to help Molly. In return, she was able to help three otherwise helpless and homeless pups. In addition to Molly and babies, our shelter is the home of another nursing mother and babies, and even more puppies, dogs, and cats. Donations are always needed as we currently have more animals than ever.

July 5, 2010


Hello Clinton County Humane Society, Just wanted to touch base with you regarding "Dasha," the daschund-mix puppy, my girlfriend Kelly and I rescued from your facility at the end of May 2010. "Dasha" is now "Penny" and she is doing great! She has been to our vet (Upper Arlington Vet) twice for follow up shots since we brought her home. We are scheduling her next round of shots this week. Finally, Kelly and I want to thank you for making the adoption process so easy and fast. Penny is a wonderful addition to our home and we love her very much! Our other animals, Roxy (dog) and Dax (cat) love Penny as well and they play quite often.....even when they don't want to! :) Hope all is well and please contact me with any questions. Attached is a recent pic of Penny and Roxy. Penny is a "mini me" of Roxy! Best, Paul

July 1, 2010


Hi All, My Patriotic Pups Are Proud To Be American!! Wishing you a Happy 4th of July! Love, Karen, Fiona & Fanci Xxoo

June 28, 2010

This is Definately a case of PUPPY LOVE!

Just wanted to let you know how much we love our pup we got from you on 6/5/10. We have renamed her Macy. We have had her for 3 weeks now and she has fit into our family perfectly. She housebroke so easliy and she is so good in her crate. She and our lab mix get along so well they do everything together. We couldn't be more happy with her. She will have a wonderful life with us. Thank you so much John and Ann Birt Bellefontaine, Ohio

June 1, 2010

We have such great adopters! These two dogs have a great extended family!

Hi, We are having a lot of fun with the new puppies. Jessica's Belle (Velvet) & our Bohdi (Riley) have a great time together. Both are learning very quickly and are a great addition to the families. Both pups love to play and run together. They both try to fit under one of our tables...of course it's the lowest sitting's amazing how they can think up games to play! Both have learned & are still practicing how to stay/come, sit, lay down, and shake of course. Bohdi loves to cuddle up on anything soft...even the clothes in the laudry basket : ) Since Jessica has her master's degree in French, she has taught Belle all her commands in French &'s amazing how Belle understands French so easily. It's funny to hear Jessica speaking French to Belle and Belle knows what to do : ) I have a hard time remembering the French words, but I'm working on it so Bohdi knows his French also (thank goodness Jessica helps him). I've included several pictures... Thanks for having such wonderful puppies, Greg, Doreen, Jessica, Tom, & Monica

May 27, 2010

The 'big guy' finds the perfect home!

Hi Becky, Just wanted to let you know Antonio has adjusted nicely into our home. He plays with the cat and would rather play with the golden retrievers toys, than his puppy toys! We are so grateful that he has come into our lives. I also am sending a couple of pictures so you can see how he spends some of his time. He loves to be outside when we are with him and has even taken to walking on his leash for short walks.He is a friend to anyone who meets him! We are in the process of house training and he is doing very well. He goes to the vet this Friday for the last puppy shots...and we'll keep you posted on his weight and any other info the vet has for us. The bump from the penecillan injection has disappeared. Thanks again, Karen and Caitlin White

May 7, 2010

ALONZO finds a home with the help of his sister's folks!

I don't know if you remember me but we adopted Ally back in January. A friend of mine here in the Reading PA area is very interested in adopting her brother, Alonzo I will be traveling to Ohio next week on business and would like to make arrangements to pick him up toward the end of the week. Obviously, we renamed our girl Riley (see attached). She is an absolutely wonderful dog. We could not be happier. Rick CLINE Hey Alicia, Later: Just to let you know everything with our boy (Alonzo/aka Murphy) is going well. Liisa and I were extremely sad to see him leave our home after one night with Riley. They were fast friends and siblings and loved playing together. We heard from the new owners that he has adapted well and they are nuts about him. We are extremely grateful to have been a part of these two pups lives. best,

May 2, 2010

Lucky Lucy!

Hi Becky! Just wanted to share a photo of our cavapoo Zoey with our new baby Lucy! I think they will get along just fine !! :) Kelly Winship

April 27, 2010

What a Precious Fluffy Girl

Hi Guys! I wanted to give you a status update. Laydi is doing great! We are still working on Potty training but she is active, happy, and loving her new home. I have attached some pictures.

April 26, 2010


We are Proud to Announce! The Clinton County Humane Society will be holding a cat spay/neuter clinic Saturday, May 1st. This is a low cost spay/neuter program open to the public for the purpose of reducing feline overpopulation and controlling disease. Eligible cats must be at least 12 weeks old and weigh at least 2 pounds. All cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS. The cost is $49 per cat which includes the spay/neuter, testing, FVRCP vaccination, ear cleaning, nail trimming, de-worming and an application of flea/tick prevention. Ask about discounts for multiple cats. Also ask about senior discounts. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 937-383-0703 or, for quicker response, email us at

February 11, 2010


I adopted Bentley on Dec 26 from your shelter! He was part of a big litter and he is getting big. He is a ball of energy and loves playing with my older dog! I attached some pictures of him at home with us. Thanks for everything you did for him!! Kaitlin

January 16, 2010

Record Number of Adoptions in 2009!

965 adoptions in 2009!!!
965 previously homeless animals now have new loving families. Thanks go to our wonderful caring volunteers and to our dedicated individuals who bring us supplies and funds.
Some of our newest precious animals.