July 18, 2009


Hi, everyone!
Just wanted to drop a line and a few pictures of our princess Izzy. You may recall we were the crazy family from Michigan that drove to get her. We couldn't be happier. She has been such a great addition to our family. Not having a puppy in 17+ years I braced for the worst- but to our surprise she really has been great! She was very easy to house train (within a few weeks) and has learned to speak and sit so far. I wanted you to know that when we took her for her first vet visit they were very complimentary on your record keeping and how well and up to date you cared for her - so thank you. She's really filled our hearts and we just love her so much. I see her brother is still with you - I'm sad for that and knowing how good she's been would love to have him, but just don't want 2 dogs....... She's spoiled rotten, has a plenty of toys and now weighs 34 pounds. Tomorrow is a big day for Izzy because she's not had the opportunity to roam free in a fenced in yard -- finally tomorrow the fence is coming. She loves to run and play fetch so I'm sure the fence will be a great adventure for her and a blessing for us. Thank you again and enjoy the pictures. P.S. - my husband was wondering if you ever heard from the family in Pennsylvania and if there are any pictures of their puppy. We'd love to see how she compares to Izzy. Let us know. The Hendees!