July 5, 2010


Hello Clinton County Humane Society, Just wanted to touch base with you regarding "Dasha," the daschund-mix puppy, my girlfriend Kelly and I rescued from your facility at the end of May 2010. "Dasha" is now "Penny" and she is doing great! She has been to our vet (Upper Arlington Vet) twice for follow up shots since we brought her home. We are scheduling her next round of shots this week. Finally, Kelly and I want to thank you for making the adoption process so easy and fast. Penny is a wonderful addition to our home and we love her very much! Our other animals, Roxy (dog) and Dax (cat) love Penny as well and they play quite often.....even when they don't want to! :) Hope all is well and please contact me with any questions. Attached is a recent pic of Penny and Roxy. Penny is a "mini me" of Roxy! Best, Paul

July 1, 2010


Hi All, My Patriotic Pups Are Proud To Be American!! Wishing you a Happy 4th of July! Love, Karen, Fiona & Fanci Xxoo