September 20, 2009

Cincinnati Zoo Cat Ambassador Program selects Willadeen

Linda Constaneda and Kathy Watkins are trainers for the Cat Ambassador Program with the Cincinnati Zoo. They are shown here with the lucky pup, Willadeen from the Clinton County Humane Society.   Kathy explained, " We take various exotic cats to school programs and other places in the community in order to educate people on conservation. We currently have a nine-week old cheetah cub that we would like to raise with a puppy that is of a similar age. This would be a companion for the cheetah until they are around one year old at which point the dog would come live permanently with me. In the first year of the dogs life it would be with the cheetah and one of the three full time Cat Ambassador Trainers 24 hours a day. This dog would accompany the cheetah at school programs and in our zoo show to relay our conservation message." Linda added, "we are so pleased to have a pup from the Clinton County Humane Society in Wilmington. We have raised a number of dogs with cheetahs and have always been successful and look forward to continuing this relationship with our world famous program."