August 27, 2010

Molly - a Special MOM

On June 27th Highland County Dog Pound contacted our shelter asking for help with a homeless and very pregnant Beagle. A volunteer from our shelter picked her up that day and named her Molly. Hours later Molly was examined by our shelter veterinarian and it was determined she was too small and lethargic to have all of the babies inside her by herself. Molly needed to have a cesarean that same night. With the help of our dedicated veterinarian and shelter volunteers, Molly has nine babies. Last week our shelter received a call asking for help with three puppies who were only three weeks old. Molly is now a surrogate mother to the additional three pups. She is a great mother to all of her twelve babies and loves all the attention she receives from the shelter volunteers. We are so glad that our shelter was able to help Molly. In return, she was able to help three otherwise helpless and homeless pups. In addition to Molly and babies, our shelter is the home of another nursing mother and babies, and even more puppies, dogs, and cats. Donations are always needed as we currently have more animals than ever.