September 11, 2010


Hi Becky, Wanted to update you on our "little man". He is now 6 months old and weighs in at 5 1/4 pounds! He received his last shot this week for rabies...he is not too fond of the The vet said he is an excellent specimen...of a "handful"! And in perfect health. He is fully potty trained and barks at the door to go out, he trots around the neighborhood on walks like he owns the place...and make no mistake...he is definitely the boss. He knows how to sit, stay and lie down on command; and looks at you with those big brown eyes when he gets into mischief. He has a big boy bed (the attached picture) which he adores, and keeps his many toys close by and sometimes lined up along the inside. He is a "gatherer" we've determined and keeps his toys in clusters all over the house. He loves to play and he and the cat have play-fights several times a day. The cat acts like she is not interested...but we know better :) He is an excellent passenger in the car and is ready at a moments notice...and has been to many places in his dog carrying bag...which he pops his head out of to be fawned over. He loves people and they love him. We never thought that tiny 2 pounds of Chihuahua that we brought home would be such a fabulous addition to our home and our lives. Thanks again, Caitlin and Karen White