February 16, 2011


Hello, We just wanted to say Hello and Happy Birthday to the newest member of our family. Shenoa ( Nina before she won our hearts, an American Eskimo/Shiba Inu mix) is One year old today. She adopted us in April of last year, and today February 16 is her Birthday. It has been such a wonderful time watching her grow from this little ball of fur puppy into this beautiful " gotta know what we are doing ALL the time " companion. We just can't wait till she starts shedding in the spring, no just kidding, Really. However we have to admit, she does like her sleep. When she is tired after playing she loves to walk in her crate and snooze a while. She learns new things rather easily. When we ask her to "speak" for a treat, she sometimes responds with sounds that resemble a Wookie, from Star Wars, that's just makes us all laugh. You all at the CCHS are great! We are so thankful for the time and effort you put forth to find the animals in your care new homes. Keep up the Great job! Your friends forever, Dylan, Annaliese, Jennifer, David, and of course Shenoa