May 22, 2011


Just wanted to give you an update on FROSTEE, he is a hand-full but we love him so very much....our dog BOSCO is adjusting to having a new baby brother. Tim and I are trying to learn how to potty train him...we are learning that he will go to our front door and sit letting us know he needs to go out. We can't trust him to run loose in our fenced in backyard yet because he found a way to get into our neighbor's fenced in yard thus we have him on a wired leash. He is so loving and we are happy to have him in the family. We have an appointment for a check-up to our vet tommorrow. It is going to take some time adjusting from a senior puppy to a youngster but he is making himself at home. P.S. He got along this past weekend with my parents schnauzer (SCOTTY) all played together until they wore themselves out. Sincerely, Jennifer, Tim, Bosco and Frostee Selby