Merry Christmas to All,

Mommy brought us to the best Christmas Village to see Santa Paws today!! Mommy was very worried we wouldn’t get to see the big guy. Thank goodness we made it in time. Santa goes back to the North Pole tomorrow to get ready to deliver everyone’s gifts.

We got all dressed up to impress Santa Paws! Needless to say, we were (of course) the best looking puppies there. Santa said we were his favorites!!!!! We had so much fun!!

Santa Paws asked us if we have been good and what we wanted for Christmas. We told him we have been very good girls and we want lots of bones, cookies, toys and belly rubs.

We also asked him to take care of all the homeless animals. We are sad that many of our friends are still waiting in shelters to be adopted. Please help them find loving forever homes with a furever family of their own. That is the best Christmas gift any of us could get. Please adopt a pet from your local animal shelter. Donations are always welcome too.

We have to go to now and get ready for Santa!!!!

Happy Howl-i-days!!!
Karen, Fanci and Fiona