February 28, 2019

Is that Ace? Or a Minion?

After waiting more than a month in the shelter, Ace was adopted September 2018. However, he found the perfect family who appreciates his big personality and takes him on many adventures. In October trick-or-treated as a Minion.
His family tells us: "This winter we discovered that he has no interest in a group of 13 turkeys that hang out in our back yard every day. He's like, 'Turkeys, again, really? What else ya got?'
"The neighborhood kids like him and he came with a few tricks — like rolling over for a treat. One mom always exclaims, 'HE'S SOOOO FLUFFY!!!' whenever she pets him.
"Why he ever sat in your shelter for 6 weeks without someone adopting him is a mystery to us. Choosing an older, calmer, dog (guessing he's 7 or 8 years old) was an excellent decision. And an easy one.
"Thanks for letting him hang with you until we came along."