January 6, 2020

'I believe your facility is the first one we will visit'

"It took quite some time for me to share. Long story short, after my last dog (Bronson) passed, I was not willing to find a new family member. However, constant input and suggestions from family, led to meeting, and adopting Finn. Finn was originally known as Jorge, when my wife found him on your website. He became a major part of the family. Finn filled a vacancy left by losing Bronson, both for our family and our cat, Poncho. Ironically, Poncho was rescued, because Bronson was getting older, and more set in his ways. After his addition to the family, Bronson acted like a puppy again. Essentially, Bronson was my dog. He was the child, prior to our two daughters. He understood his role in the hierarchy, after the girls were born, and respected it. When his time was up, I was not interested in finding a replacement. Fast forward three (3) months, after his passing, I found myself at your shelter with my wife, daughters, and mother-in-law. Sheryl, my wife, who had been checking your site often, found Jorge, and the rest is history. I say all of that to say this; I appreciate and respect all that your staff does to find homes for your animals. Although, in my mind I’m not ready to open my heart to another new family member (because that’s what they are). I believe your facility is the first one we will visit. Thank you and your staff for all you do."