March 30, 2020

A content kitten and her happy little girl

Here's the whole update on Jewel, whose owners say is now "completely spoiled."
"My daughter changed her name to June Bug. She loves being held, and playing. Sometimes she would rather you pick her up and walk than her actually walking. 
"It’s been over a week. We are still introducing our dog to her. They play with each other through the door right now, but still working on letting her and our dog both have free range of the house together. Right now it’s 50/50.
"June sleeps with my daughter and gets up around 5 with me. I let her out of my daughter's room and we have about an hour every morning just playing together before I have to go to work. 
"June had been a great blessing for my daughter. My daughter has severe asthma. Animals do not bother her ... but being that she is asthmatic, this virus could easily kill her, being quarantine and learning how to care for June has made these times so much easier for her. June is doing very well, and very spoiled!"