June 4, 2020

Boomer is great name for a card shark

Here's a fun update on this adorable guy:

"I wanted to up date you on the puppy we adopted. You guys named him Boomer and we loved that name!!
"Boomer is now six months old and growing like a weed. He's up to 38 pounds and still growing!!
"He has done well on potty training — could be due to yummy treats — but bribery will get us everywhere!!
"He has a big brother that he likes playing with and picking on!!
"He has two sister (cats) that when given the chance he will chase after.
"He finds the birds and squirrels fascinating and tries hard to play with them, but unfortunately they are not impressed.
"He is such a joy to have in our fur family — so much love and many kisses. He still thinks he's small and sets on my lap or sleeps on my head!!
"Thank you for sharing Boomer with us, he fills our hearts!!"

Thank YOU for adopting Boomer from the Clinton County Humane Society!