September 14, 2020

Ace is truly missed by his family

In memory of Ace, who had been found years ago in a culvert as a puppy and who died in late July, his family made a very generous donation to our shelter, and we are extremely grateful. 

They have always been supportive of the Clinton County Humane Society and other animal organizations, and Ace was one lucky dog — he lived all his days in comfort, feeling love and appreciation, and getting walks around his neighborhood.

Ace was 8 pounds when he was adopted but grew into a big boy, and he enjoyed the best pieces of steak, comfy couches and beds, a "gazillion" toys, and trips to wineries (one of the photos is from a winery vacation).

His family says they spoiled him to the core but always hoped he was happy with his life. Judging by his smile, we are certain he was!

Thank you for adopting Ace from our shelter and changing his life forever!