December 13, 2021

The magic of a Puppuchino

Love this pupdate:

"My boyfriend and I adopted Hank back in July, and I wanted to reach out and give you guys an update on him. He is the sweetest boy and loves to cuddle! He has very high standards when it comes to comfort, and has a big fluffy bed with a large throw blanket and a memory foam pillow. He also has another throw blanket and pillow on the couch, of which he now owns. He has even made a special nest in our guest room using a gigantic comforter and multiple pillows.

"Hank's favorite thing in the world is treats! He gets a new special treat every time we take him for his monthly grooming appointment. We have even gotten him special treat puzzles to make things more interesting for him, but he's so smart that he solves them almost instantly. He also loves to go on runs with my boyfriend. He gets so excited to go that he howls and dances with anticipation at the door when we're trying to get his harness on. It is the cutest!
"Hank is also very gentle. He only likes big fluffy plush toys and hasn't destroyed a single one in the four months we've had him. (Like the treats, he also gets a new toy every time he gets groomed.) We actually got him a special toy that was made to be torn apart because there's a second surprise toy inside, but he refuses to rip it open!
"He is still very scared of other people, but we've recently discovered that whipped cream is the ticket to his heart. My boyfriend's mom, who he normally barks at and runs away from, brought him a pup cup from Starbucks on Thanksgiving, and soon Hank was sitting on the couch next to her and letting her pet him.
"We are slowly socializing him with people and other dogs, and he is making good progress. He is a very smart and special boy, and we are so happy that he is part of our family. Thank you so much for everything you do!"
Thank you for adopting Hank from the Clinton County Humane Society!