February 15, 2022

'When we are ready to adopt again, we will be adopting from you guys'

 This beautiful cat was adopted 14 years ago from our shelter. Her name at the shelter was Dancer, but she was renamed Xanie. 

Her owner told us: "Xanie thankfully was healthy and happy all of her 14 years, but we did have to put her down this year due to kidney failure and diabetes.

"I wanted to update you guys because I remember coming to the shelter to pick out a kitten, and this girl was the only one who wouldn’t come to me. We had to fish her out from under the cage because I wanted her just because I didn’t think anyone else would take her if she was stand-offish. 

"I don’t live too close anymore but when we are ready to adopt again we will be adopting from you guys. Thank you for the memories 🙂"

Thank YOU for adopting Xanie from the Clinton County Humane Society!