March 22, 2022

We are crying happy tears for Zeke

We are all so happy for this longtime shelter resident, who came to our shelter as a result of a divorce.

His family told us: "Zeke’s first day home has been full of snuggles and snoozing! Thank you guys so much!"

Zeke had been with us since September, and despite his stellar behavior, he had trouble being placed because he's super picky about his animal friends. 

But our fantastic followers saw his post a week ago and shared it 121 times, getting it to the eyes of almost 5,000 people. 

All it took was one awesome family to see the post, and that's what happened! Zeke was adopted Saturday, and as you can tell by these photos, he made himself at home that first day, making up for time lost waiting in the shelter. 

We have the most generous supporters, and just taking a second to share a post can help more than you realize!

Thank you for adopting Zeke from the Clinton County Humane Society!