April 20, 2022

Naima and Ruby were both adopted from CCHS

Naima and Ruby are two lucky dogs who are loved and adored. Naima was adopted first, after waiting far too long in the shelter for someone to be interested in her. Named Ginger at the shelter, Naima was extremely underweight from the stress of being abandoned, but she loved to give hugs to volunteers — and now she gets to hug her family!

Naima's family was open to a second dog later on, and that's when Ruby found her forever home too! She is tall too, and the girls love to keep watch on the neighborhood when they're outside. Ruby is loud and boisterous, so she is fortunate to have landed in a home where they practice patience. We love hearing from our adopters. It always makes the tougher days a little bit easier. ❤️ 

Thank you for adopting Naima and Ruby from the Clinton County Humane Society!