July 29, 2022

Conrad & Millie were adopted 12 years apart

Conrad and Millie's family gave us this update: “Conrad (formerly River of the 19 Rottweiler/shepherd litters) on the left adopted in May. Almost 5 months and still growing! Super chill, smart and sweet. 

“Millie, on the right, we adopted from CCHS in 2010 (back when her nose was brown!) She is a Beagle/Blue Heeler mix that had been returned to shelter twice before we adopted her.

“She was super gentle and sweet but a bit of a challenge in her younger years. We typically have rescued adult dogs but they never really interacted with her. Until Conrad! 

“She finally has someone to play with and she is super happy to have him here. (Although as he has gotten bigger than her, we have to remind him not to constantly knock her over because the old girl has arthritis!)”

Thank you for adopting Conrad and Millie from the Clinton County Humane Society!