April 7, 2023

Does he realize the power of puppy eyes?

 This is Liam. He was adopted last weekend and is settling in with his new family.

They told us: "He and Lily, our older Lab, are learning to be in each other’s space. We actually caught them napping close to each other today. Liam was completely powered down and Lily settled down beside him. So sweet.

"He is so smart I cannot believe it. He knew 'sit' the first day and has only had a couple accidents in the house and that’s because I missed his cue—he goes to the door but might move before I turn my head and see him. I gave him a food puzzle if Lily’s to try last night and he cleared it in less than three minutes! 

"Thanks again for taking such good care of him."

Thank YOU for adopting Liam from the Clinton County Humane Society.