June 5, 2023

Vet care, love, and kindness helped Belle

 Belle is feeling sooooooo much better now. 

Don't judge her by her rough haircut; she'll grow into her fur again. She is likely a "schnoodle" (a poodle and schnauzer), and she was adopted on May 28 — yay!

Belle was found in a ditch by a volunteer's grandson who was farming at the time. Poor Belle's skin was a mess — she had a severe case of mange.

We took her to the vet's office, and she was diagnosed with mange, as well as being underweight.

With veterinary treatment as well as kindness and care from our volunteers, Belle has been acting more like her 1-year-old puppy self. 

We're hoping to raise money for Belle's veterinary care, which will end up being more than $800. If you have a few dollars to give, we would appreciate it. We raised $290 on Facebook.

You can click on the PayPal link on our website (you can use a credit card there -- no need for a PayPal account), or you can mail a check to CCHS, PO Box 1024, Wilmington OH 45177.