August 11, 2023

All Louie needed was a chance

A wonderful local family had adopted a pup, Bailey, from us in February 2020, then another dog, Ollie, in February 2021. 

Unfortunately, earlier this year, Bailey had died young of aggressive lymphoma, and Ollie was “beside himself without a playmate.”

The human parents had seen an online profile of Louie, who had been waiting five months for an adopter, and wanted to meet him.

Louie was sweet as could be but was a big Lab mix who could be a handful — he just wanted to be with people so badly. And he was strong.

Undeterred, the people said, “Well, we are used to big dogs.” 

At the shelter, true to his nature, Louie, in all his excitement, was unable to calm down at the meet-and-greet, jumping up in the man's face nearly the whole time. Louie was definitely NOT on his best behavior. 

The people took him home anyway.

At first Louie was calmer at home than he had been in the shelter. Then he had some potty-training issues, and he had to learn how to sit and wait for his food bowl. 

Nonetheless, his new family said he was a “completely sweet goofball,” and they forged on, even though Louie is a super chewer who “shreds” the toughest BarkBox toys. 

Louie’s mom told us, “I’ve only had a couple ‘what was I thinking? moments,’ but no more than any other dog I’ve gotten before. lol”

The most recent photo we received is of Louie and his buddy Ollie. 

“In a hilarious turn of events, the dog that has no awareness of personal space (Ollie), who will sit on everything and everyone, now has someone who likes to sit on him.”

We are so grateful to adopters who take the dogs who may not be perfect —and who give them a chance to settle in to life outside a shelter. 

Thank you for adoption Louie (and Bailey and Ollie!) from the Clinton County Humane Society!