September 17, 2023

Lucy's lucky break led to her living her best life

Lucy and a younger Cane Corso named Cash were brought to the humane society at the end of 2022. Cash was adopted relatively quickly, but Lucy had to stay a long time in the shelter. Maybe it was due to her age — the vet said she was around 5 or 6, which is older for a mastiff. Whatever the reason, it was hard to watch Lucy grow depressed after being abandoned. 

Her lucky break came in June, when a kind young woman came to visit Lucy and  other dogs to potentially adopt a friend for her adorable yellow Lab. She returned for Lucy, and that was the beginning of Lucy's Life of Luxury. 🥰🥰

Not only does Lucy have a human and a canine buddy at home, she has canine and human cousins she gets to visit. She is a very lucky girl, and we are so happy for her!

Thank you for adopting Lucy from the Clinton County Humane Society!