November 12, 2023

'Life seems to be good' for cute Calvin

Calvin's new family told us:

“Calvin didn’t take long to settle in for the ride to his new home. He seems to be a bit apprehensive when confronted with new experiences but ate up the nonstop pets during the ride! 

“He met his human sister and brother-in-law upon arriving home. THEY BROUGHT HIM TREATS!!!!!!! (WooHoo!!!) 

“Once the initial outdoor exploration was complete, he came inside to immediately claim his spot. All toys end up on the big beanbag/comforter bed! This is different than the people bed which he also discovered is made for full-length stretched doggie sprawls! 

“He notifies us when he needs to go potty and has started out his day today with breakfast and toys! Life seems to be good!!”

Thank you for adopting Calvin from the Clinton County Humane Society!