January 5, 2024

'They have brought so much fun and joy into my life'

These two adorable kittens are Quincy and Salem, and they were adopted Nov. 7. We love this update of the boys, especially their heart-shaped hug! 

Formerly named Noodle & Nacho, these kittens are "absolutely 'purrfect' in every way," according to their adopter, who also told us: "They have absolutely taken over my house, and they do everything together. I have never had kitten siblings before, so it has been so much fun watching them grow up together and interact with each other, and I love how they 'talk' to each other with little trills and chirps. 

"They love playing with their toys and zooming around the house, which usually ends with the two of them snuggled up together for a nap. Believe it or not, while both boys are affectionate Salem has actually become a little more affectionate and more vocal; he is quite the chatterbox. Salem is also a bit larger in size and seems to have a more 'stocky' build.

"Thank you again for helping me bring these two home — they have brought so much fun and joy into my life."

Thank YOU for adopting Quincy and Salem from the Clinton County Humane Society!