February 13, 2024

'This little puff of fur is everything I had hoped for'

This is Obsidian, Obie for short. He was one of a litter of 10 kittens. Named Checkers at the shelter, he was super-shy and quick to hiss. But he landed in the best home for him, where his sweet personality can shine!

Obie's people told us: "This little guy is something else! He doesn't stop purring, he follows me and my wife every place we go. Rubbing our legs with every step. He acclimated with the other animals perfectly. He and our big guy are best buddies. Not real fond of the dogs, though. He absolutely loves to eat! I've never seen a kitten so persistent. He will do any and everything to get food off your plate. We're working hard on this!

"This little puff of fur is everything I had hoped for. He comes when I call his name, jumps to the top of the cat tower as I walk by, to receive some loves. He even waits at the front door for my return and sleeps in our bed.

"We absolutely love Obie! Thank you for such a sweet little guy. He will always be taken care of.

"P.S.: His huge, fat tail gets almost as much love as his sweet little head! I've never seen a cat with a tail like his."

Thank you for adopting Obie from the Clinton County Humane Society!