March 11, 2024

'They’re not the only ones whose lives you’re touching'

Thanks again to Amy's Pet Grooming for making a stray pup look her best, helping her attract many applications and finding her an amazing family!

This is Jazzy, now called June/Junie/Junebug. 

Her family told us June "sits on command, hasn’t had one accident in her crate (and only a handful in the house), responds to her name and comes running gleefully, has accepted the baby as a litter mate, happiest when underfoot, and is *delightfully* snuggly.

"Thank you for choosing us. I know it can’t be easy, hoping the best for the animals you no doubt get attached to, but they’re not the only ones whose lives you’re touching.❤️"

Thank YOU for adopting June from the Clinton County Humane Society! And thanks to Amy's for their amazing support!