April 28, 2024

'Thank you guys so much for bringing him into our lives'

At 8 years old, Zeke's divorcing parents decided they didn't want Zeke anymore, so they brought him to the dog pound. We took Zeke into our shelter, and at the time, he was covered in fleas, and his skin and ears were badly infected. 

He healed up in the six long months he spent at the humane society, waiting such a long time for someone to give a senior pittie a chance. Luckily, Zeke's big break came two Marches ago, when a kind and generous and loving family brought Zeke into their lives.

His family sent us this update:

"It’s now been 2 years since we adopted our sweet boy, Zeke!

"We moved back to WV to be closer to family and he is truly living his best life. He loves being king of the couch in our new home even though he has a bed in practically every room! 😂 He also still sits on all open laps and gives all the kisses you want!

"Thank you guys so much for bringing him into our lives and loving him so well before we got to! ❤️

—Zeke, Zeke’s Mom, and Zeke’s Dad"

Thank YOU for adopting Zeke from the Clinton County Humane Society!