March 14, 2012


THIS WILL COST YOU NOTHING TO HELP OUR HOMELESS ANIMALS. Here’s a brief description of how this program works:

1) Clinton County Humane Society will give you a Kroger Neighborhood Gift Card with $1.00 already loaded on it.

2) Before using your card the first time, take it to the Kroger Customer Service Counter to load up to $250 on the card using a charge card, check or cash.

3) When paying for your groceries, prescriptions, or gas use the Kroger Gift Card and your Kroger discount card to pay for your purchases. You will still receive fuel points for the money you spend because you are using the discount card with the gift card.

4) When CCHS members total $5,000.00 in spending, Kroger writes a check to our organization for a %age of that amount. Most households of two spend at least a $1,000 a year in groceries!

If you are willing to help us help our special homeless dogs and cats, just send your email address, your home address and we will send a card and more information.

Thanks a bunch, Becky

             PS Cards may also be used at Kroger Affiliated Stores throughout the US.   They are as follows:  Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fry’s & Fry’s Marketplace, King Soopers, Dillons, Smith’s Food and Drug, City Market, QFC, Food 4 less, Owen’s Foods Co, Hilander, Payless, Cala Bell, Bakers, JayC, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Littman & Barclay Jewelry.