June 20, 2019

Rayna joins two other adoptees

From Rayna's family: "We just adopted Rayna this past Wednesday and she is already completely at home! ðŸ¤— She is such a little love, so sweet, beautiful, and energetic! This picture shows her (the tabby) all tuckered out after hopping and bouncing around, playing with toys! She is just as spoiled as her big sister Belle (the canine) and big brother Luc ðŸ˜‰ We loved her name and felt it really suits her, so we decided to keep it! ♥️ Belle stopped (for the most part lol) being scared of Rayna and we are slowly but surely getting Luc to be more accepting of his new baby sister! ðŸ™ˆThank you, CCHS, for allowing us to adopt for a third time! We are completely in love with all three of our babies!"