June 13, 2019

These photos of Cricket? Pure joy!

Excuse us while we just gaze at them and think about this sweet puppy and her litter-mates. 😍
We received an update on Cricket, formerly known as Dapple at the shelter. 
"As expected, she's grown quite a bit! She's proven herself both a herder and a pointer and she had energy beyond belief. Meeting other people and dogs has been a blast but baths and (surprisingly) walks have not been a fan favorite.
"Cricket is a smart little thing too. She knows sit, down, turn around, and is working on stay and come. She's fully crate trained and about 95% potty trained.
"Her favorite thing in the world is her brother Marius, a sweet black cat who luckily loves dogs. She pees with excitement at the sight of him and he's quick to welcome her presence.
"She knows the rules and loves to see how she can push and bend them. We love her so much and we're so grateful to have found her through you! Thank you!"

Thank YOU for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society!