February 11, 2020

Happy 10-year Gotcha Day to Ziggy!

Not sure if anyone is still there that would remember him but since we just celebrated our 10yr gotcha day last month I thought I'd send a pic. Ziggy (aka Hank) was a bit of a mess when we saw him. We had gone to see a cute puppy and the girl asked if I had seen Hank. She said he'd been there for a few months and not one person ever asked to see him so of course I said yes.
His nose was torn up from trying to get out of the kennel, his hair was ragged from stress and he looked at me and did his begging trick and I was sold. I'm a sucker for sad faces.
Now our Zig is a little whiter in his old dude years but he's spoiled rotten and lives like a king.
Thank you for trying to place the dogs that aren't as flashy, that aren't as cute ... we're all thankful.