February 6, 2020

This handsome guy is frolicking now in Michigan

Last week the sweet face of Ziggy was adopted by a family who drove to Ohio from Michigan to give him the love and security he had not yet felt. Now named Maslow, he reminds his family of their beloved first malamute, Winslow. 
His new family updated us on Maslow, who came to our shelter shaky and fearful but who is already enjoying frolicking in the Michigan cold, followed by curling up in the warmth of his forever home.
"He loves being near the snow. I purchased a retractable leash (which allows more room for him to walk on his own) and he loves it. Yesterday he started galloping and jumped high in the air like he was having a blast. I take him on extended walks so that he will be able to familiarize himself with our neighborhood and so that he will always know how to get home. Sometimes he will walk ahead of me and stop and look back — waiting for me to catch up with him. That's what Winslow used to do as well. Maslow is, however, very skittish of traffic; so I take him on neighborhood streets with less traffic flow.
“I took one of my other dog's toys (a small pizza that squeaks) and let him play with it. He seemed more interested in toys than Winslow was. So I went to Petsmart to pick up some more Science Diet food and purchased him a couple of toys his own size. He does play with them. At this rate, within the next month, I'm sure he will not be hesitant at all. He has the full run of the house but seems to be leery of going in the kitchen for some reason (which is where his food and water is). For now, we bring his bowls to him when it's time to eat.
"We feel blessed to have found Maslow on your website and for you to have allowed us to come and pick him up. He is already loved, and will be loved as a part of our family for the rest of his life."
Thank you for adopting this beautiful boy from the Clinton County Humane Society!