January 18, 2021

Oreo needs his own movie to star in!

 This sweet pup’s family sent adorable photos and a heartwarming update, with this last line: “Shelter dogs are the best and really appreciate everything in life.”

We couldn’t agree more. 💯

“Oreo is the most amazing dog, and we really appreciate you guys saving him for us. 

“He gets along with all of our dogs and absolutely loves the cats. 

“We are so lucky to have found him, as he brings such happiness to this home. Not a night goes by that he does not sleep next to me, snoring in my ear, and I cherish every moment. 

“He is truly perfect; the sweetest and happiest dog we’ve ever had. I am sending you pictures of the past few months, and I am sure you will see how much he is loving his life now. “

We definitely can see how well loved he is! Thank you for adopting Oreo from the Clinton County Humane Society!