January 22, 2021

Phantom is a handsome boy, and he has had such a great life!

Phantom was adopted in March 2012 and lived at his owner's parents' house until she graduated from college in 2016. 

Phantom (named Apollo at the shelter) went along with her to graduate school at Ohio State, where he still lives. 

His owner told us: "I took a picture of him looking like a Christmas card the other day and I just had to share. He's still doing wonderful, is still the 'goodest' boy, and his favorite things are his beddie, going buh-bye in the car, and his walks. 

"He turns the big 10 in April! Still very mobile for a big fella and dances and gallops about when it's time to go out in the morning. He's a very happy boy 😊"

Thank you for adopting Phantom from the Clinton County Humane Society and for taking such great care of him!