October 13, 2021

Sometimes heroes wear red vests

 With two pregnant dogs in our care, we needed new pools that we use as whelping boxes. It’s kind of past kiddie-pool season, so a volunteer first called the local big-box retailer only to have the line to customer service just ring and ring and ring and ring …

Then we thought of our Wilmington Ohio Ace Hardware. An actual human being picked up the phone right away, pleasantly checked to see what quantity/size pools they had in stock, and said she’d hold them for us until we could get there a little while later. 

The clerk at the counter met our volunteer, remembered the phone conversation, and communicated to the folks in the back. By the time our shelter volunteer walked the short distance to the rear of the store, the other two employees were already working on getting the 4 large/2 small pools loaded so they could deliver all the way out the volunteer’s van!

The clerk even shared that she had fostered animals and was going to get a rescue pup very soon!

The whole transaction took just a matter of minutes, with superb customer service! (Probably took less time overall than the time on the phone trying to reach the giant retailer.)

This is just one of many reasons to #shoplocal!

Thank you, Ace Hardware, for helping us help the doggie mamas!