October 15, 2021

We are grateful to those who give of their time

Early on a recent rainy Sunday morning, after seeing what our immediate needs were, a group of four members (including one who’s camera-shy) of the Black Swamp Chapter of the Redrum Motorcycle Club & Society pulled up to our shelter with a truckful of much-needed cat litter, bleach, and Dawn liquid — as well as their rakes, shovels, and weed-eaters.

They cleaned up and shoveled gravel in our outside dog yards, which wasn’t an easy task! They were such a blessing to us, and we are incredibly thankful!

One of the members, Shawn, had adopted a dog named Angel from our shelter a few years ago and has given her an amazing life! 

Also, the little dog Shawn is holding in the photo was adopted to a very nice woman from Michigan. 👏🏼