September 2, 2019

A bittersweet but beautiful tribute 😭

Back in 2011, our shelter took in about a dozen dogs that had been living — if you can call it that — at a puppy mill in our area. There were several poodles, including one who was named “Glad” by volunteers. She was almost 10 years old and had spent most of a decade being forced to breed litter after litter after litter. 
The shelter had to spend more than $1,200 just in dental care for the rescued dogs because their teeth were in such bad shape. 
Thanks to our volunteers and an adopter who decided one day to check out our shelter, this dog’s life changed completely. We’ll let you read, in the words of the kind woman, about how it wasn’t just a canine life that changed that day in 2011.
My sweet pup Snooki (shelter name Glad) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 16, 2019, at 8:20 in the morning. Her nearly 18 years on this earth (last 8 with me) have been some of the best years of my life. I went to the Clinton County Humane Society when I was home visiting my parents from Chicago for Thanksgiving. 
I was on the fence about getting a dog and decided to go check out the shelter because my stepmom’s sister had volunteered there and I was looking for something to do. 
When Snooki came barreling into the room with her fluffy poof head, I instantly fell in love. I was warned that she was an older dog, but her vigor and sweet disposition wouldn’t allow me to leave the shelter without her! 
I took a chance and brought her back to Chicago with me. I traveled extensively alone for my job at that time and I brought her alongside me to every state I would have to go work in. She lived a life of fluffy hotel beds, doggie treats, road trips, and much love. She even got to go on vacations alongside me to Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico! She was a world traveler and the best companion. 
When I met my husband, we relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, where she lived out her life in the South. 
I was fortunate enough for both of my babies (Sadie, 2 years, and Samuel, 10 months) to meet this very special furry friend of my previous life before marriage and children. A few years ago, she got very sick but we were able to control her symptoms with medicine and vet care. I am so glad I did all that I did a few years ago, it allowed me to spend 2.5 additional years with her by my side! 
A few weeks ago, her health started to go downhill again but this time I couldn’t control the symptoms like before, and just as humans bodies do when they get older, dogs’ bodies start shutting down too.  
Thank you to CCHS for rescuing this sweet pup and allowing me to love her all these years. She taught me so much about love, kindness, happiness, and loyalty. I will cherish the times I had with her and will miss her so!
—Katie Hochhausler Turner