September 3, 2019

Part golden retriever, 100% well loved

In order to post dogs on, we must enter breed makeup — and sometimes it's mostly just a guess. We know this adorable face wouldn't necessarily scream "golden retriever," but lo and behold, that's the breed that makes up a quarter of her genetics. 
Here's great update about magnificent Marley:
"We adopted 'Cupcake,' now 'Marley,' back in April and have fallen so in love with this sweet pup! 
"We wanted to provide you all with an update on how she’s growing up, and thank you again for taking such great care of her before she became part of our family.
"She is about 25 pounds now and sweet as can be!
"We finally decided to get her DNA tested because we just could not figure out what she was a mishmash of. Turns out, she’s 25% Golden Retriever, 12.5% American Bulldog, 12.5% German Shorthaired Pointer and 12.5% Mini Poodle. Who knew!
"She is feisty and fearless but also such a cuddle bug and a very good listener. She was potty- and crate-trained so quickly we couldn’t believe how easy she was.
"She always has to have something in her mouth whether it’s her ball, bone or even the tag on her collar! As much as she loves us, her favorite one in the family is her grouchy older brother and he is liking her more every day. "We cannot thank you all enough for giving us this little girl to our family!"
Thank YOU for adopting Marley from the Clinton County Humane Society!